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Brand identity design

During the last years we've been perfecting our design approach that helps us create visual identities that evoke trust and professionalism. Some brands want to step forward, others want to leap ahead. Whatever your goals, we can help.

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" I’ve been working with Emblem Factory exclusively since many years now and it has been great! They work fast and consistently deliver high-quality work. They know how to take my vision and translate it into a professional design that functions for my business goals "

J. Ward
Plaer Energy Drink / Phoenix
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" We have now worked with Emblem Factory on several projects, from branding and logo creation to printed collateral development. They have been extremely easy to work with, creative, quick, and responsive. I will always recommend them. "

G. Singerman
Creative Circle / Toronto
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" As a musician, with very little knowledge of graphic design, I’ve had difficulty in the past conveying my ideas and visions to graphic artists. The team took time to understand my project, and was patient throughout the entire process. I am 100% pleased with the final product. "

Skinny Gonzales

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